Andersen N6 Single Stage Air Sampler

Aerobic Bacteria and Fungi Air Sampler

Measures Concentration and Particle Size Distribution.

The Andersen N6 Single Stage Air Sampler meets A.C.G.I.H. Bioaerosol Committee specifications for sampling airborne micro-organisms, including bacteria and fungi, in applications such as indoor air quality studies, cleanroom efficiency studies, pharmaceutical production and food processing, and any environment in which microbial contamination is a threat.

Collection requires only a standard petri dish (100 x 15mm), prepared with a growth medium appropriate for organisms being tested for. Place the dish in the instrument and draw an air sample. Once the air sample is taken, the dish is returned to U.S. Micro Solutions for incubation, identification, and count of the micro-organisms identified.

Key characteristics of the Andersen N6 Air Sampler are:

  • Works in coordination with a continuous-duty vacuum pump providing air flow rate of 28.3 liters/min.
  • The sampling stage has 400 precision-machined orifices.
  • Flow rate does not jeopardize the viability of microorganisms collected.
  • The pump may be used to collect carpet dust samples.
  • Durable aluminum construction is Corrosion resistant, easily to sterilize.
  • Provides the gold standard of air sampling across a wide range of industries, including Indoor air quality studies, pharmaceutical production, wastewater, treatment plants, cosmetic manufacturing, filter and clean room efficiency studies, brewery fermentation, food processing area, hospital environments, grain processing and transportation, and agricultural emissions.

The N6 sampler is supplied with carrying case and can also be delivered with a line-operated sampling pump. The N6 Single-Stage Microbial Sampler is rented complete with pump, rotometer, tubing, isopropyl alcohol, case and operating manual.

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Operation of the Andersen Air Sampler

The air enters the sampler and accelerates through the orifices of the sampling stage; smaller particles are collected by inertial impaction on the agar plate. Viable particles are retained on the agar plate and the exhaust air is carried through the outlet in the base of the instrument to the vacuum source. The petri dish is then removed, shipped to our laboratory, incubated, and counted by our trained analysts.

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