Operating Instructions for Andersen N6 Dust Collection

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The Carpet/Dust Sampling Kit includes a high-volume pump (Andersen N6) and collection cassettes. The 25 mm cassettes are preloaded with a 0.8 um pore size polycarbonate filter.

A detailed User’s Manual can be found at: https://tools.thermofisher.com/content/sfs/manuals/EPM-manual-SingleStage.pdf


  1. Attach one end of the vinyl tubing to the inlet nozzle of the pump.
  2. Attach the other end of the vinyl tubing to the cassette by first removing the round cap from the cassette. Set aside the cap for later use.
  3. Remove the vinyl cap on the other end of the cassette and set aside the cap for later use.
  4. Plug in the pump and turn on.
  5. Sample the desired area.

    For carpet:

    • The best practice is to tape off square-foot sections of carpet.
    • Begin vacuuming the sectioned area using a back and forth side-to-side motion. Then repeat in an up and down cross direction until there is a visible amount of dust in the cassette.
    • Additional square-foot sections may have to be sampled to obtain a sufficient amount of dust.

    For solid horizontal surfaces: Use a back and forth motion over the surface until there is a visible amount of dust in the cassette.

  6. Turn off the pump when the desired area is sampled or amount of dust is collected.
  7. Carefully remove the cassette from the tubing and replace the round and vinyl caps.
  8. Label cassette with the sample number.


  1. Clearly label each sample with a Sample Number and complete the Chain of Custody (COC).
  2. Place the cassettes in a Ziploc bag in a box with sufficient packing material to prevent damage and ship to the laboratory with the completed COC form.
  3. Ship samples at ambient temperature Monday through Friday.

Reference: Carpet Sampling Cassette Kit Instructions. SKC, Inc. Eighty Four, Pennsylvania. Form 40088 Rev. 1806.

Download PDF Version