• ISO 17025 accredited by A2LA
  • Detection of microbially influenced corrosion using BART
  • Iron-related, sulfate-reducing, and slime-forming bacteria
  • Lab open on Saturdays

Test Your Water System for Corrosive Bacteria

Potable and nonpotable water system quality can be affected by the presence of specific biologically reactive bacteria.  These bacteria induce corrosion, decrease flow and heat exchange efficiency, and affect water clarity, color, taste, and odor.  U.S. Micro-Solutions now offers testing for Iron-Related (IRB), Sulfate-Reducing (SRB), and Slime-Forming (SLYM) bacteria using BART.  The Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART) detects the presence and aggressivity of these nuisance bacteria in potable and nonpotable water samples.  For more information, call us at 724-853-4047 or visit our Contact page today.

BART Collection/Shipping Guidelines

Sample: Potable or nonpotable water.

Method: Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART) – a selective, enrichment culture system for iron-related, sulfate-reducing, and slime-forming bacteria (IRB, SRB, SLYM).


  1. Use a 100 mL collection bottle containing sodium thiosulfate neutralizer. One bottle (100 mL) is sufficient for
    three BART tests (IRB, SRB, SLYM).
  2. Potable water: turn on hot or cold water outlet and fill a 100 mL collection bottle. Cap lid tightly and invert
    bottle to mix neutralizer.
  3. Nonpotable water: submerge an open collection bottle just under the surface of the water and collect 100 mL
    of water. Cap lid tightly and invert bottle to mix neutralizer.


  1. Clearly label each sample with a Sample Number and complete the Chain of Custody (COC). Use Analysis Code BART when ordering.
  2. Place each sample in its own Ziploc bag and then in a box with sufficient packing material to keep samples
    from shifting during transport.
  3. Place completed COC form in box.
  4. Ship samples overnight at ambient temperature Monday through Friday for receipt within 24 hours of collection. Shipments on
    Fridays must be sent by Priority Overnight Saturday Delivery.

Sample Non-conformances:

  • Sample shipped over a weekend
  • >30 hours from collection to analysis time

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