Colony Count Competency Test

Accurate, Convenient, Economical

ConFirm coUntTM provides real-world images of environmental monitoring samples to test staff’s ability to recognize and count different colony morphologies.

These realistic samples provide a relevant and accurate way to assess competency.

Sample acceptance ranges are obtained from independent reads by reference analysts. ConFirm coUntTM tests whether your colony counts match those of trained analysts.

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  • Place an order for the number of assessments needed (one per person).
  • The competency assessment will be emailed to each individual listed on the order form. Participants will have 2 weeks to complete the assessment.
  • Three images are included per assessment, with a link to report results in an online submission form.
  • Colony counts within the acceptance ranges for all 3 images constitute a passing result.
  • A performance report is provided for each assessment and a certificate of competency if a passing result is achieved. The certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue.

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