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The Inner Wall Sampling Adapter is used in conjunction with a Zefon BioPump.  It is a tube that fits onto a spore trap cassette and allows easy access to wall cavity areas with virtually no destruction.


  1. Choose a wall cavity that is to be checked.  Punch a 3/8 inch hole 3 to 6 inches from the floor and scratch awl.
    • This can be done in a non-conspicuous location such as just behind the top edge of a baseboard or switch plate. 
    • Take special care not to pound on the awl penetrating the wall, as this could aerosolize dust from within the wallboard.
  2. If the wall cannot be penetrated with the scratch awl, a low-speed, cordless drill can be used.
    • WARNING:  High-speed drilling may induce aerosolization of gypsum dust.
  3. Gently insert the capped end of the Inner Wall tubing through the hole until the O-ring makes contact with the wall.
  4. While holding the tubing in place, keep the O-ring snug against the wall.  Insert the Push Rod (Cap Removal Rod) into the tubing and gently apply pressure to remove the end cap inside the wall (the end cap should fall to the base of the interior of the wall cavity).
  5. Remove and save the seal from the top of a spore trap cassette.
  6. Attach the top of the spore trap cassette to the plastic adaptor on the tubing.
  7. Attach the bottom of the spore trap cassette to the sampling pump.
  8. Turn on the pump and draw air at 15 liters per minute for the selected sampling time.  Do Not Exceed 2 Minutes.
  9. Disconnect the Inner Wall attachment and spore trap cassette.  Hold the cassette up to a bright light.  If you cannot see through the slide, the cassette is “overloaded.”  Discard the sample and take another sample using a lesser sampling time.  Repeat again if still overloaded.
  10. Replace the seals to the inlet and outlet of the spore trap cassette.
  11. Label the spore trap cassette and place it in a zip lock bag.  Complete a Laboratory Test Request and ship the samples and accompanying Laboratory Test Request to the laboratory within 24 hours.
  12. Discard the Inner Wall Adapter.


  1. Clearly label each sample with a Sample Number and complete the Chain of Custody (COC).
  2. Place the cassettes in a Ziploc bag in a box with sufficient packing material to prevent damage and ship to the laboratory with the completed COC form.
    • Keep spore trap cassettes at room temperature to prevent melting of the gel layer.
    • Ship samples overnight at ambient temperature Monday through Friday. Friday shipments must be sent via Priority Overnight Saturday Delivery.
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