Don’t want the hassle or expense of setting up an in-house program for monthly viable sample analysis?

USMS can provide all you need for a successful monthly sampling program. We are an ISO 17025 accredited, CGMP compliant laboratory with years of expertise in pharmaceutical microbiology, with an on-site doctoral-level microbiologist. We comply with all industry relevant guidance including USP <797>, USP <1117>, and CETA CAG-009.

We offer a convenient Monthly Surface Sample Kit that includes everything you need for surface sample collection and shipping.

We also offer the Enverify Sampling Verification Kit to evaluate surface sampling competency and performance. Determine how you compare to others within your industry and receive a performance report with pass/fail criteria.

One price includes:

  • Surface sampling kit (media, shipping label, chain of custody, instructions, tape, bag for plates)
  • Sample analysis
  • Negative and positive media controls (inoculated w/ five USP ATCC organisms)
  • Shipping (outbound & inbound)
  • Media certificates of analysis

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