NonCulturable Microbial Air Sampling

with Air-O-Cell and Allergenco-D cassettes.

The Zefon Bio-Pump® is a small, lightweight, battery-powered, and easy-to-use Indoor Air Quality pump with a flow rate of 15 liters/minute. This pump is designed for use with Air-O-Cell and Allergenco-D cassettes.

Three sampling modes are available with the Zefon Bio-Pump: Quick Sample Mode with sampling times from 1 to 10 minutes; Single Sampling Mode designed for taking one sample for a pre-determined amount of time (1 minute – 9 hours 59 minutes); and Sequential Sampling, which allows the pump to be turned on and off at predetermined times.

Key characteristics of the Zefon Bio-Pump are:

  • Small, lightweight device with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Battery operated, quiet operation.
  • Can be deployed on any solid surface or using tripod mount.
  • Features quick sample operation and audible/visual indicators when sample is complete.
  • Continuous runtime of 8 hours, sufficient for over 100 five-minute samples.
  • Battery recharge in only 3 hours.

Zefon Bio-Pumps come complete as a kit containing the battery charger, carrying case, instruction manual, and sampling cassettes. Nothing to prepare or clean – just place the cassette on the pump, set the time, and go. More information can be found at:

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Air Sampler Calibration

The Zefon Bio-Pump should be calibrated and verified at least once each day of use with the flow indicator provided in the kit.


Operating Instructions Downloads

Zefon Bio-Pump Operations Video